Comunity one has nature at its head, covered by two different roof technologies, the areas that did not present the problem of the low weight resistance of the old beams Milan were covered with a sloping green roof, a solution that presented challenges regarding the inclination of 20 degrees of the pitch.
The load-bearing structure in these areas was built with steel beams, some of which were obtained from the reuse of equipment in the factory that occupied the building, leaning against the beams was made of a concrete slab and corrugated sheet metal with a thickness of 10cm.

We cast the first slab at the beginning of the winter season for this reason it was decided to protect the cement with a first layer of waterproofing in bituminous sheath.
On top of this first layer we placed and nailed the ventilation 'castle', two orders of pine wood joists for a total air space of 10 cm, closing the ventilated space too.

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2_il castello di areazione
4_impermeabilizzazione e anti radice_2


Comunity One flies light thanks to its aluminium roof, which is very high and separated from the concrete slab by a cushion;



Double the usual ventilation to ensure maximum comfort, economy and respect for the environment.

The aluminium roof was chosen for its lightness, a characteristic necessary to save the existing beams of the 'Milan Patent',

built with prefabricated concrete and reinforced with irons Φ 10, in order to increase its resistance it was necessary to create a reinforced runway to complete the ridge beam.


But the qualities of this solution do not stop at the lightness, it is in fact a technologically advanced cover composed of a sandwich of aluminum and insulating material.


To further increase its thermal insulation function, we have chosen to increase the air gap by creating it with a double aeration castle made up of 4 crossed pine beams (4x5) for a total thickness of 16 cm.



Big windows, the big show of your lives offered to prying eyes.

For those who have nothing to hide;

For yourself, for those who make their lives a work of art, for you, for your privacy, we imagined a frame.

The Palladio galvanized steel profile has allowed us to reduce the thickness of the frames compared to the use of an aluminum profile so as to extend the transparent surfaces made with double glazing and low-emission film devices aimed at containing heat loss.


In addition to the aesthetic result, the steel windows and doors guarantee a longer life than all other construction technologies thanks to the welded assembly that gives the window and door a stability of operation guaranteed for life.



Predicting the unpredictable, we predicted

Technostylos & Canalina


Hardwere in profusion;

Cables, cables, nets, nets.

Ropes and funiculars.

Everything flows from Technostylus 

everything flows in the channel

Technostylos is a column located at the entrance of each apartment, inside it are collected the available technologies and those that may be necessary for the good wiring of real estate units, made of galvanized steel as the windows, is accessible through openings and is designed to be flexible to different needs.

Canalina refines and completes Technostylus' concept of flexibility: it is an aluminium channel embedded in the floor and used for the passage of electric cables that extends along part of the room, making it possible to connect each appliance to the domestic networks at any point along its route.




The presence of a condominium laundry allows to save space inside the apartments, to reduce costs and consumption, freeing the minds to pindaric flights no longer crushed by the weight of periodic maintenance.


For the bathrooms of Comunityone we have chosen not to use coatings, the walls left to plaster raw are protected by a film of resin with a matt finish that enhances the color protecting them from moisture, the shower trays integrated in the floor are flush.


Washbasins created to a design in pre-stressed concrete and supported by travertine tops left in their natural state together with top quality taps and fittings specially made with a satin finish give the bathrooms of Comunityone an exclusive charm.

bagnio dochia_edited


It is the centre of community life, overlooking and immersed in the Orchard, a place not only for passing through but also for gathering.


Here the guests of the community will be able to play at the washerwomen with the amazing machines of Professional Honey, while the perfect German will provide for the washing and drying of a thousand and a thousand perfect clothes, our boys will be able to work seriously on the tools of Technogym.

COMUNITYONE è a Milano in Via Bressan 15 - Per informazioni Studio Becatti Barrera - 02.4547.9270